Inariz is a European leader in microwaveable instant rice, pastas, cereals and vegetables. Inariz offers to developp in their own Read More

Sumac Spice

Sumac is a spice that comes from the berries of wild shrub growing throughout Mediterranean area. Berries are naturally and Read More

Sibell chips

SIBELL chips have a multilingual packing, including English and Arabic, and also Production and Expiry dates. This makes them particularly Read More

Truffles potatoes chips

Packed in a multi lingual 100 gram bag, these potato chips, delicious and crispy, are made from natural truffles

Vanilla pearl

Vanilla pearle is a very interesting and easy-to-use new product. Exclusively composed of pure vanilla concentrate and Bourbon Madagascar vanilla Read More

Vanilla market trend

Good news !! After semesters of rising, the price of vanilla returns to acceptable levels. Local players agree on an Read More

Guerande fleur de salt

Beyond the traditional know-how, the Fleur de sel of Guerande is very rich in nutrients, essential for our body. Fleur Read More

Guerande sea salt

Guérande salt and fleur de sel are cultivated according to a thousand-year-old tradition. This naturally ecological salt comes from the Read More

Bornier new label

With this new logo, BORNIER enters the Dijon mustard history and asserts its traditional know-how and origins.

Bornier Dijon mustard

BORNIER has been a French producer of mustards since 1816. You will find in this Dijon mustard the authenticity of Read More