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Banyuls wine vinegar

Feb 1, 2024

What is Banyuls vinegar and what are the characteristics that make it an exceptional product?

Banyuls vinegar is a sweet wine vinegar whose localized geographical origin and the method of production make it a gourmet vinegar.

First of all, its place of production and harvest is ideally located between the Mediterranean sun and the Pyrenees Mountain range and lulled by the tramontana blowing towards the Gulf of Lion.

Then it is produced from a natural sweet wine aged for 4 years in wooden barrels which allows it to develop the famous rancio aroma (fresh nuts and menthol).

The acetification process is take place in a closed circuit before being aged in oak barrels for 12 months.
Finally, you will appreciate its amber color, its notes of walnuts, gingerbread, beeswax, vanilla and licorice which give it a great aromatic persistence that will be perfect for enhancing your sauces and deglazing.

Banyuls vinegar is available in three bottle formats, 75cl, 50cl and 25cl. You can find the palletization sheet here.

If you need a recipe idea to showcase it, we will post one soon!!