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Les crozets from Savoie

Dec 1, 2023

Crozets are small pasta specific to Savoie.

Their name comes from the Savoyard patois “croé” which means “small”. Their shape, small flat squares of characteristic size, make them an emblematic food of Savoie. Savoyard families used to cut these small squares, after rolling out the dough, with a special knife and let them dry in the sun.

Today we offer you the crozets of Alpina Savoie, established in the heart of the French Alps since 1844, which over time has been able to develop its know-how and create products such as pasta and couscous, based on healthy ingredients and excellent quality, including French wheat, and eggs from free-range hens.
Crozets are an important source of carbohydrates of good nutritional quality and find their place in a varied and balanced diet.

All you have to do is cook them in a large volume of salted water for about 15 minutes and arrange them according to your inspiration. When the cold arrives, let yourself be tempted by the famous croziflette made with crozets, bacon and Reblochon de Savoie.

Thanks to the varied range offered by Alpina Savoie and you can find here, everyone will be able to find the crozet that inspires them, natural, buckwheat, chanterelles or organic.

So, get your crozets ready!