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French Pantry Dijon mustard in 200 G glass jar.

Jul 1, 2024

We had not yet presented you products manufactured by one of our partners: the company CHARBONNEAUX BRABANT.

This family company is a major player in the manufacturing of mustards, vinegars, mayonnaise, oils and sauces. It exports to more than 80 countries. Its IFS, BRC, AB and Eurofeuille certificates show that quality is a very important value for this group.

CHARBONNEAUX BRABANT has just created a new brand: FRENCH PANTRY. Of which we present Dijon mustard to you below in 200 G jars.

Discover the Excellence of French Mustard with French Pantry
Dijon mustard is more than just a condiment. It is a symbol of French gastronomy, recognized and appreciated worldwide for its exceptional quality and unique taste. At French Pantry, we have taken this tradition to the next level with our 200 g jars of Dijon Mustard, specially crafted to meet the expectations of high-end food product importers.

A Culinary Heritage
Made according to a traditional recipe passed down through generations, our Dijon mustard is crafted from the finest ingredients. High-quality mustard seeds are carefully selected and ground with precision to release their full aromatic power. This rigorous process ensures a mustard with an authentic, tangy, and refined taste that enhances a wide variety of dishes.

Unmatched Quality
What sets our Dijon mustard apart is our commitment to quality. Every 200 g jar is the result of artisanal expertise that adheres to the highest standards of French food production. We use natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, ensuring a pure and healthy product. The creamy texture and harmonious taste of our mustard make it perfect for accompanying meats, fish, vinaigrettes, and marinades.

French Pantry: A Trusted Brand
At French Pantry, we take pride in our reputation as a supplier of premium French food products. Our mustards are prepared with a constant dedication to excellence, allowing us to guarantee our customers a superior quality product, cherished by culinary enthusiasts around the world.

Why Choose Our Dijon Mustard?
1. Authenticity: A traditional recipe that honors the standards of Dijon mustard.
2. Premium Quality: Natural ingredients and an authentic production process.
3. Versatility: An ideal condiment for a multitude of culinary preparations.
4. Convenience: A 200 g format perfect for domestic or professional use.

Importers, Trust French Pantry
By choosing French Pantry Dijon Mustard, you are opting for an exceptional product that will satisfy the most discerning palates. Our 200 g jars are designed for easy and efficient distribution, meeting the needs of international markets.

For more information on the full range for retail or foodservice, clic here and to place an order, contact us today. Join the many professionals who trust French Pantry to bring a piece of French culinary tradition to their customers.