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Blinis Le Monde des Crêpes

Sep 5, 2023

Located in the North-West of France and more precisely in the department of Côtes d’Armor, the company Le Monde des Crêpes has been creating since 1982 recipes that can accompany you throughout the day in different forms. From breakfast with pancakes, snacking or brunch with the blinis and pancakes for dessert.

Each recipe consists of traditional ingredients of the highest quality, without the presence of preservatives or additives. Milk is fresh, eggs are fresh and butter is fresh.

In 2008, the company took a turn in its production mode to reach a wider export audience by turning to deep freezing. Indeed, this type of production makes it possible to obtain a comfortable extension of the life of the product necessary for the transport time to the international.

This month we want to highlight the small thick pancake well known as blini. The quality of the raw materials used combined with the company’s know-how gives it a thick and soft finish once in the mouth. It adapts in the form of toast or canapés perfectly with seafood such as fish rillettes, smoked salmon and products of the land such as foie gras.

Thawing blinis takes only a few minutes at room temperature. Its texture, as announced above thick and fluffy, makes the blini easy to work with which allows chefs to prepare it easily and very quickly after opening its packaging. Its adapted packaging makes it possible to use only the necessary number thus avoiding unnecessary waste of unused product.

Its diameter, starting at 3.5cm for mini-blinis and between 6 to 14cm for blini will suit many uses from the finest to the most greedy.

You are welcome to visit the full range of product here.

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