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AOP du Puy Green lentils

Mar 8, 2024

Cultivated for 2000 years, at an altitude of 1100 metres, the Green Lentil from Le Puy, in France, benefits from a climate and soils that give it its unique character. It has a very thin skin and an almond that is less floury than other lentils. These different elements give it a fine taste, a delicate texture, in short an incomparable flavor!

These qualities and its typicity allowed it to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin (in French AOP appellation d’origine protégée) in 1996.

Green lentils du Puy are an excellent source of vegetable protein. It is especially beneficial when combined with cereals such as rice or wholemeal bread. Here are some of its nutritional values:
• Protein: The green lentils from le Puy are high in protein, a great choice for vegetarians and vegans.
• Minerals: It is an important source of iron, which is essential for the formation of red blood cells and the transport of oxygen in the blood.
• Fiber: Lentils are rich in fiber, promoting digestion and contributing to satiety.
• Vitamins: These contain B vitamins, including vitamin B9 (folic acid), which is important for heart health and fetal development during pregnancy.

As a result, du Puy green lentil is a versatile, delicious and nutritious food to integrate into a balanced diet.

Try du Puy green lentil from Trescarte today, nestled in the very heart of the AOP territory.

To cook them, simply plunge them into a large volume of unsalted water, allow 20 minutes of cooking from the boil, then consume the cold ones in a salad, or hot side dish or as a single dish.

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