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Semi-candied cherries with liquor Distillerie du Périgord

Aug 1, 2023

The experience and know-how forged along years has enabled our partner Distillerie du Périgord to provide to your attention a unique product, semi-candied cherries with liquor obtained from fresh cherries of the Prunus cerasus oblacinska variety, harvested from the best European orchards.

Whole cherries, regular in shape and dark red in color are selected as raw materials to obtain the natural optimum flavor of this variety. They are picked by hand, to preserve them from shocks and bruises. As soon as they leave the orchards, fruits are washed, hulled and sorted before to be macerated in superfine neutral alcohol at the harvest site in the Balkans. We can thus guarantee their conservation for up to 18 months.

After conservation and storage in alcohol, the Morello cherries are calibrated twice during their maceration. After pitting, our cherries are macerated in an alcoholic mixture containing sugar and Kirsch. This allows us to obtain a product with a very fine taste suitable for plain consumption or to enhance your ice creams, pastries, chocolates or certain savory dishes. Indeed, some gourmets use it to enhance prey or goose liver recipes.

This product with a 24 months shelf life can be packaged in 100- or 120-liters drums, 20-liter buckets and jars (0.2 to 3 liters).

We invite you here to discover the range of cherries but also that of raspberries.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and have a good tasting.