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Bornier Mustard

Jun 14, 2023

More than just an ingredient, mustard is an indispensable ingredient in any kitchen.
As a simple accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetables, or as a base of a sauce (mayonnaise, vinaigrette, white wine).

The origins of mustard date back to the dawn of time. The peoples of antiquity consumed mustard seed, or sévené, crushed in grape must.
Burgundy, was once conducive to the growth of mustard because it was a wine region that allowed to provide verjuice, then later vinegar, used in the composition of mustard.
In the 17th century the corporation of vinegar and mustard makers of Dijon established official statutes, then in the 18th century Dijon became the world capital of mustard.

It was in 1816 that Denis BORNIER founded the Maison Bornier near Dijon. This is the beginning of a great adventure that will last until today, developing over time an expertise and a great know-how. Bornier Dijon mustard is made according to the recipe and authentic taste.

In 1971, Maison Bornier became Européenne de Condiments and moved to Couchey, near Dijon.
Today the company offers a wide variety of recipes, including mustard grains, and ensures its customers an optimal level of quality.

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