Lady Fingers

Biscuits BOUVARD is a french company located in Vendée and created in 1920 all along the years, the owners have Read More

Barnier Spread 100g Jar

With Barnier Olives spreads in a 100g jar, make some beautiful plates to share with friends.

Sial Montréal 2022

M. Ledru Thibaut will attend the Sial Montréal 2022 on April 20th – 22nd. Please contact us if you want Read More

BROVER fruit filling

Ideal for pastry chefs, Brover ready-to-use fruit filling contains at least 70% fruit. Same taste, texture and color as the Read More


Originating from Russia, blini are yeasted pancakes. In addition to the traditionnal plain blini, Le Monde des Crepes has developed Read More

Acacia honey

This acacia honey, which always remains liquid, is packed in a 250 G squeeze bottle. Particularly adapted to the exportation Read More


Inariz is a European leader in microwaveable instant rice, pastas, cereals and vegetables. Inariz offers to developp in their own Read More

Sumac Spice

Sumac is a spice that comes from the berries of wild shrub growing throughout Mediterranean area. Berries are naturally and Read More

Truffles potatoes chips

Packed in a multi lingual 100 gram bag, these potato chips, delicious and crispy, are made from natural truffles

Guerande sea salt

Guérande salt and fleur de sel are cultivated according to a thousand-year-old tradition. This naturally ecological salt comes from the Read More


Due to the CORVID-19 health situation and actions taken by European and French governments until May 11th, we have set Read More

Reitzel International

The Reitzel International company produces, in its factory located in the Bangalore area in India, these 150 + gherkins with Read More

Trablit flavouring pastes

Corvee-Trablit do not produce only coffee extract but consistent taste and flavours of the flavouring-pastes such as coffee, caramel, hazelnut, Read More

ANUGA food show 2019

Patrice de ROUX will attend the next ANUGA food show on October 7th and 8th. We thank you to contact us Read More

summer holidays

Euroco remains open all the summer long to help you.

GulFood Dubai 2019

M. Patrice de Roux will attend Dubai GulFood trade faire on February 17-19, 2018 located at the Dubai World Trade Read More

SIAL Paris 2018

We will attend the SIAL Paris 2018 from October 21 to October 25. Please contact by now using the contact Read More

ISM 2016

M. Patrice de Roux will attend the 2016 ISM trade fair for sweets and snacks in on February 1st and Read More

Middle East business trip

Patrice de ROUX will travel to Qatar (Oct 4th-5th,2015), to Singapore (Oct 7th-Oct 8th,2015) and Thailand (Oct 9th,2015). He will Read More

Assessment of the French agricultural system

french version only

Tarbais beans cooperative

The Tarbais Bean Cooperative was established in 1988 to produce and market tarbais beans. It is subject to two specifications: Read More