With an average of 18 years in the company, EUROCO’s team consists of:

Equipe Euroco Marseille

Patrice de ROUX : President and shareholder, responsible for the company’s development strategy.
In charge  of the following areas : the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Oceania.
Involved in EUROCO since 1992.

Francoise LAURENT : Shareholder and administrative manager.
In charge of the following areas: Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
Involved in EUROCO since 1986.

Thibaut LEDRU : Shareholder.
In charge of the following areas : North American regions, Eastern Europe, China and new opportunities.
Involved in EUROCO since 2008.

Its flexible internal organization enables EUROCO to answer all requests in a very short time. When one of its area managers travels abroad, fellow workers can stand in for him. They are aware of the needs and circumstances of each customer. Each area manager travels twice a year to meet his customers and better understand their needs and deepen his markets knowledge.