Sourcing & Purchases


Entrusting EUROCO their purchases and containers consolidations, international buyers save time and communication costs because:

  • They have a single point of contact, EUROCO, which represents several producers.
  • They issue a single Purchase Order for the whole goods from several producers.
  • EUROCO is then responsible for orders preparation and deliveries tracking.
  • EUROCO checks the goods before loading in consolidated containers in Marseille’s warehouse.
  • EUROCO issues and sends a single set of original documents required for imports customs clearance.

Purchasing only the necessary quantities allows our customers a better stocks turn-over, an optimization of food products shelf life and a decrease of storage’s cost.


Since 1979, EUROCO was able to become closer to industrial groups and independent producers to develop a full catalog across multiple categories of dry and refrigerated food, from France, from the Mediterranean area and from Europe.

EUROCO’s international connections also help to source and find many worldwide specialties.

Export Logistic :

Located in Marseille, the Provence gateway, EUROCO organizes its maritime export consolidation , on a FCL or LCL basis, from the new terminal of Fos 2XL, first French port, second Mediterranean port and fifth European port. EUROCO uses an ideal solution to ship dry, chilled or frozen goods to the world according to Incoterms discussed with its partners. The port proximity allows EUROCO members to monitor the state of the goods before loading them inside the containers.

Full containers loaded directly at the factory will be shipped from the closest port from the loading site to reduce inland costs.

The proximity of the Marseille International Airport also facilitates the shipment of goods by air.

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