Espelette Chillis, how to dry it

Let’s talk about the drying process that is operated after the peppers are sorted by hand.
Selected whole fresh Espelette peppers are ready to be sold on cords or in powder form.
Cording is carried out manually by the producer with at least 20 peppers, threaded by the stem on a food grade string. Once strung, the peppers can be dried, placing them in a warm, well-ventilated place, indoors or outdoors.
The original and traditional way is to stretched the cords in the sun on the facades of farms during fall . White walls become all red. A must be seen if you are visiting the south west of France during the harvest at the end of October for the annual chilli day !!!
Once dried, cords were passed in the still hot bread oven from the day before. On leaving the oven, the peppers, which had become very crisp, were pounded to make the powder.
A real transmission of this know-how has taken place from generation to generation.