Banyuls vinegar with sea food

We introduce few days ago Banyuls wine vinegar.
Let’s discover today how to use Banyuls wine vinegar with prawns, tomatoes and roasted almonds, a short and easy recipe for 4 guests:
Shell 16 prawns 10/20 size and cut out the black intestine on the back. Wash 4 medium-sized tomatoes, remove the pips and chop the tomatoes. Roast the almonds (80g in average) in a frying pan without fat. Cook the tomatoes in a pan for around 15 minutes to evaporate the water. Add the almonds and chopped parsley with the seasonning and cook for another 10 minutes. Fry the prawns in olive oil. When half-coocked, deglaze the pan with 30ml of Banyuls wine vinegar and add the tomatoes. Cook for 2 minutes only. Dress the prawns on the plate and cover the tails with tomatoes.